Our Values

Everything from large decisions we make to the smallest detail has been thought through the eyes of how we can do better by the planet. Rochelle has a B.S in Environmental Science and is fully conscious that the choices we make every day have large implications to the planet. You can regularly find her explaining how sink garbage disposals have a huge impact on waterways (one of the ways we increase the nitrogen and phosphorous in water and lead to massive issues like dead zones; such as the dead zone in the Chesapeake Bay). From our shipping materials and packaging to the way we source items that we use in our products, taking care at each step allows us the peace of mind knowing that while our products are a consumer item; tools and items for makers... we are still doing our part to create consciously. 


Over time, we will be sharing more here as time allows to not only be transparent and open about where materials come from but also to bring you into the process and show you that moving towards a more sustainable future is possible.